Wszystkie najpopularniejsze i najbardziej wartościowe marki na świecie mają oryginalne, niepowtarzalne nazwy. Według firmy konsultingowej Interbrand na zdymie rynku istnieje 60 Mareb́ Wolumiń, i nie ma wśród nich ani jednej nazwy pospolitej.

Reklama to próba oddzielenia człowieka od jego pieniędzy.

Blind time: ‘I think we would have fallen in love at an event’ | Dating |

Hannah on Freddy

Just what had been you dreaming about?

A flirty evening with a decent (over 6ft) man and an opportunity to liven up elegant acquire an enjoyable pride boost.

1st thoughts?

We delivered a panicked text to my good friend five full minutes in: „THEY ARE match, THEY ARE NERVOUS, the guy DOES MARATHONS, BUT THEY ARE FIT.” I thought he had been underdressed, but then I became slightly overdressed.

Just what did you explore?

His volunteering, movies, all of our passion for celebrations and bottomless brunches.

Any uncomfortable moments?

Discover minutes you never need to relive, and our good-bye ended up being one. I think We forced my number on him, before the guy went in for a peck on lip area, and ran out.

Great dining table ways?


best place to find a one-night stand thing about Freddy?

He ticked countless containers. Hannah and Freddy were an excellent match in some recoverable format, but i am not sure whether that converted to actual life.

Would you introduce him towards buddies?

Easily scared him as far as I think i did so, my buddies would deliver him working. My mum would like him though.

Describe Freddy in three terms?

Nervous, fit, talented.

Exactly what do you would imagine the guy made from you?

In my opinion I happened to be some much for him.

Do you continue someplace?

Yes, but he previously a position interview the following day.

And… did you kiss?

I’m not browsing rely it. I wish to only imagine it never took place.

In the event that you could change the one thing in regards to the night, what can it is?

Nerve levels. I do believe we might have fallen crazy at a festival.

Markings out of 10?


Is it possible you meet again?

He is a complete catch but I am not sure its my personal pole he’s once.

Freddy on Hannah

Exactly what happened to be you longing for?

Good as well as an appealing figure to expend the night with.

1st impressions?

Brave heels, considering the no-cost drink.

What do you explore?

Music festivals, holiday breaks, sport, drunken reports of years gone-by.

Any shameful moments?

An especially persistent road vendor questioned us to buy this lady an increased, but Hannah themed it well.

Great dining table manners?

They went by the wayside early doors whenever we both attacked the beginners sans cutlery.

Most sensible thing about Hannah?

Her feeling of humour.

Do you really introduce the woman your pals?

Why not?

Describe Hannah in three words?

Charming, amusing, fascinating.

What do you might think she manufactured from you?

In my opinion she ended up being anticipating a psychopath, therefore in comparison I was golden.

Do you carry on somewhere?

For one even more beverage at a rather grotty pub just about to happen.

And… do you kiss?

A slightly shameful peck during the deepness of Oxford Circus pipe place.

If you could alter a factor in regards to the night, what might it be?

Scrap the espresso martinis: I found myself wired until about 2am.

Scars out-of 10?

A good 8.

Do you meet again?

Positively as friends. Romantically, I am not sure there is that connection.